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Hi!Quiet,onsible,respectful,reliable,honest,student/partime.I am looking to relocate from the home i am in,off of henderson(10 min to downtown)-to another home that has no dogs and maybe one cat would be easiest.My cat is a special purebreed-no jump,no scratch,no meow-and i use a specialized highly absorbent of everything recycled pellet for litter.I am super clean,and vacume constantly with small vacume.She stays in room when i gone,and is beside myself24/7.I have storage so canot pay more.I would prefer if a landline,cable and internet access were included-as i use RARELY.(I watch my own movies.)THE-Reason i donot have my ''OWN''-Place-is becuse it burnt up.So if you can Appreciate some money and can accomodate my wishes,then we can get-along just FINE.I would prefer a bed and tv included,and it would be for under a year id say until its time to move on.You must be sure,cause i really DONT-Appreciate having to move once a month for-''inconveniences''!!!!!TY

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